Perfect simplicity and elegant beauty
The kingdom of button - Grandian

Grandian blends taste and performance into accessories, such as buttons.
To create a unique fashion attitude for consumers, dedicated to the practical and distinctive button brand.



Founded nearly 20 years ago, Grandian Co., Ltd and the Grandian button brand is the first choice for contemporary and exceptional trim and accessory products. Our Hong Kong head office and New York office provide the latest in seasonal and trend right fashion information and superior customer service.


Sprayed with green and non-toxic materials

Careful, meticulous multi-channel treatment, a good coating for the workpiece. The paint uses a lead-free water-based environmentally friendly formula, which is RoHS compliant, and is made of a special water-soluble resin with excellent water and alkali resistance. It is made with environmentally friendly pigments and additives.



Accessories such as buttons, buckles, ribbons and patches are critically important components that support design and brand vision.


From design concepts to 3D composition to pipeline production, we are all original in research and development. Through decades of brand experience, we create better quality.


Challenge all possibilities, be curious about the world, see through the composition of everything, disassemble into countless lines, interspersed with flows in different time and space. There is no law that is sufficient for induction, because the predecessor of creation is a kind of extreme logic that does not exist.

Leather Patch

Convinced that the vision of design, overriding everything, dominates the future of the next moment. Beyond the essence of the object with faith, the other end is the possibility of infinity.


The thread, fabrics, and metal are still the material, they are a paintbrush, they are the medium, the plenty of natural poise and genuine personality that is anything but contrived。 The beauty are just the outline that the crowd can see, and I am the screaming in the depths of the center.